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I am working on our family tree. For the moment it is based on information that I had easy and ready to hand thanks to Vanessa Bond, Loisie Vackova and Caroline Woodward (nee Bond). They and many others are now working to research and ferret out more information.
Please access the work done so far. The data in the tree has me (Geoff Bond) as the starting point -- as the 'trunk' so to speak. However the branches spread widely and it is possible to enter the tree starting with another person, although the branches will be thinner there. Click on here to work from the "Trunk".

You can also click on one of these persons to start from their perspective, up in the branches. (You can still follow all the links to find the 'trunk'.)


Bond, Geoffrey Vladimir Leslie

Bond, Vanessa, Tatiana

Bond, Jamie, Karel, Christopher

Georgiades (nee Bond), Joanne Ruth, Zaria

Vasey, Imogen, Mary

Pekarkova, Jana

Vaclavik, James


SPECIAL!: Film clip of Joseph Percy Bond. He is acting his role as registrar at Caxton Hall, Westminster, in the film Piccadilly Incident (1946), starring Anna Neagle and Michael Wilding. The clip is just 90 seconds, beginning with Wilding proposing to Neagle with a special license and then it's straight to the registry office. J P Bond comes in after 60 seconds.

YouTube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6Q2rGCxdG0 

Download the File: http://www.family-bond.com/videos/jpbond.avi


Film Clip of Geoff Bond giving the valedictory speech for Bob Morrison on his retirement as chairman of Emba Badminton Club. (May 2010). The event took place in a noisy restaurant (Thai Fusion in Kato Paphos). It was filmed surreptitiously by Jay Gillen using a small hand-held camcorder.

YouTube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeXXyD6pYgo 

Download the file: http://family-bond.com/Videos/Bob's-farewell-(Geoff).mp4 

Please cruise around all the links. I would appreciate any photographs, additions, corrections or amendments that you can suggest. Let me have all kinds of details such as:
Photographs: Passport style photos but anything is wanted that shows the subject. (preferably electronic format)
Dates: (birth, death, marriage)
Places: (birth, death, marriage)
Interesting features: of the person's life.
Anything Else you can think of.

-- Thanks! Contact me at

The main software I am using is called Legacy. The standard version is downloadable, free-of-charge from:

The views that I am able to post to the Web are more limited that than the rich variety of views that you can see when running the program on your own computer. I invite anyone interested to download the Legacy program, and I will then send them the latest set of data. Then you can see all the variety and richness that I see.


Click here: Geoffrey Joseph Bond

Click Here: Kveta Vaclavik-Bond
You will need Acrobat Reader, available free from Adobe.

Other information will follow.

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