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Eur. Ing. Geoff Bond is a professional civil and structural engineer and is a French bilingual, chartered Translator and Interpreter. 

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1971 Windsor End Footbridge - underneath 1.JPG (124504 bytes)

Designer of award winning Windsor End Footbridge over the M40 motorway, Beaconsfield, Bucks, UK. MORE

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Author  of scientific monograph: Fire and Steel Construction Water Cooled Hollow Columns; Constrado; Croydon, (UK); May 1975.

Front cover (pdf)

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Hope catenary footbridge.JPG (1486425 bytes) Designer of award winning Hope Footbridge, a post-tensioned concrete catenary footbridge in the Peak District for Blue Circle Cement plc. MORE
1973 Hope Railway Bridge (new) artists impression.JPG (1049782 bytes) Designer of award winning Edale Railway Viaduct in the Peak District for Blue Circle Cement plc. Continuous post tensioned structure, pinned at the abutments. MORE
1970 APCM Dewsbury Cement Depot - under construction.JPG (884135 bytes) Designer of Industrial Structures. Dewsbury Cement Works shown here. 
1970 Enfield Technical College - facade.JPG (672435 bytes) Designer of Building Structures. Enfield Technical College shown here. 
1969 Hampstead sewers - heath street & holly hill junction.JPG (345145 bytes) Public Health. Renovation of Victorian Sewers shown her. 

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